Best Fruit Plants for Home Garden India

Thinking of having best fruit plants for home garden in india Here are the recommendations to get you started!

Fruits that you buy from the market and fruits that you grow, both have different tastes, know why? Because the fruits you grow in your home garden are nurtured with your care and love.

Having a good home garden is a pleasant dream, however, you cannot grow every fruit plant that you want because the major factor of gardening is the environment. The most common question is which plants to choose.

Choosing the plant for your home garden might require a little research. This would majorly include the type of place, environment, and quality of soil. But worry not here is a list of fruit plants best for home gardens in India.


Lemon is a kitchen essential in Indian homes. No breakfast, lunch or dinner excludes it. Having this plant in your home is both beneficial and pleasant. The citric smell of the lemon tree is pleasant and keeps the environment fresh.

The tree requires a lot of direct sunlight and regular watering, especially during the growing period. It would start bearing in 2 to 5 years. For better results, keep on watering and avoid pruning. 


Do you love birds? Parrots specifically? If yes, then having a guava tree will make sure you have lots of parrots in your garden every season!

The tree requires regular watering, plenty of sunlight, and well-draining soil. There are around 30 types of Guva plants. When making a choice select the right type of Guva based on your location. Though the plant can survive light cold, the freezing hard cold is not healthy for it.


Amla in indian homes is omnipresent. From its leaves to its bark, everything is useful and the tree has been famous for its medicinal purposes since time immemorial. It’s a good choice if you want to plant an amla tree in your garden as it is considered auspicious. According to Vastu Shastra planting Amla in either the North or the East direction is beneficial for prosperity and good luck.

The plant needs good sunlight, well-drained/ loamy to light heavy soil, and space as it can grow from 8 to 18 meters tall.  While regular watering of the plant is important don’t overwater it. Before watering again make sure the soil is dry. 


King of fruits, mango is a good choice for your home garden especially for its delicious fruits and its fruity fragrance during the summers. The tree is a little high maintenance as it requires a good amount of care with ample amount of sunlight and watering and constant warding off from birds and children.

Fertilize the tree every 3 months for better growth and fruit production. The tree is prone to catching diseases so it is important to regularly remove the dead and diseased branches this helps in plant growth.


Pomegranate is a fast-growing and low maintenance tree as compared to other fruit-bearing plants. The tree grows well in hot and dry climates. It is drought tolerant, however, it would require a good watering schedule until its roots are well established. If the plant is in a container, it usually requires water care throughout its life, so it’s best to move the plant to the ground after the initial period.

The tree is fine even with minimal pruning to no pruning. But it is good to prune a little to encourage growth. The tree can grow up to 5 to 11 m. the best part about the pomegranate is that it looks beautiful in almost every season.


Coconut trees are one of the most common garden trees in India, especially in the southern part of India where the weather is most suitable for these trees. Not only do they provide coconut, an important ingredient in Indian cuisine, but also it looks beautiful. 

Coconut trees thrive in humidity and temperatures of 21°C or higher. If you’re thinking of planting a coconut that has already sprouted, plant it in well-draining soil. This might take time. But you can always plant a sapling which is a little quicker to grow than planting a coconut. In both cases, the tree requires frequent watering and starts fruiting after 5 years.

Almost all fruit-bearing plants require ample amounts of sunlight and water which could make gardening look like a hassle. But it is a satisfying and productive hassle.

Most of the fruit bearing house gardening plants mentioned above are best for outdoor gardening. However, before making your grand selection always remember that your choice of plant should depend on climate, quality of soil, space, and your commitment to the tree and you are all set to go. Select your favourite plant and make space for it in your garden now, after all, it is the gardening season!