Welcome to Naik Krishi Udyog & Co

Naik Krishi Udyog & Co commenced its independent operations in 1986 backed with a graceful history of nearly 75 years in business of Agriculture and gardening inputs by the mentor and visionary Late “Shri.Anant Balkrishna Naik” 

Today Naik Krishi Udyog & Co offers a huge selection of farm supplies, high- tech agro supplies, hand and power tools, lawn and garden supplies, and more – With over 12500 items and counting, we really do have Something for Everyone!

Naik Krishi Udyog & Co is a complete Garden and Agriculture business house with a wide range of Vegetable and Flower seeds, Fruit plants, Agrochemicals, Fertilizers, Garden Implements, Sprinkler & Landscape irrigation equipment’s, Outdoor Power Tools, Rotary Tillers, Petrol Engines, to cater to commercial growers, farmers, corporates, home gardens and local authorities. We are Authorized Servicing Dealers for Husqvarna-Sweden, STIHL- Germany, Bosch-Germany, and Makita-Japan. With a plethora of items in Gardening & Agriculture, to innovative retail idea and with customers throughout India, we directly deal with the end user who find exclusive range of latest-result oriented and quality products all under one roof. 

Petrol Engine Operated
  • Heavy Duty Brush-cutters and Clearing Saws
  • Backpack Blowers
  • Mist Blowers
  • Kombi Machines with attachments.
  • Paddy Harvesters
  • Earth Augers
Lithium Battery Operated
  • Hand held ISIO , Secateurs
Petrol and Diesel Engine Operated
  • Husqvarna Rotary Tillers & Weeders
Petrol/Kerosene operated
  • Engines & Water Pumps
  • Chain saw sharpening Kits/Tools
  • Oil & Grease- Chain oil, Engine Oil,
  • Safety work gear/Protective clothing –Jackets & Pants, Gloves. Protective Goggles, Head Guard, Ear protection, Boots
Fertilizers & Soil Conditioners
  • Soilrite, Vermiculite and Perlite
  • Coco peat and Coco peat Bricks
  • Hydro tons
Agro Chemicals
  • Pesticides, Fungicides, Weedicides,
  • Eco-friendly Organic Pesticides & Fungicides,
  • Growth promoters and Plant Growth regulators.
  • Traditional Fertilizers
  • Water-soluble Fertilizers
  • Control Release Fertilizers (CRF)
  • Organic Fertilizers.
Plants Seeds
  • Vegetable & Flower Seeds
  • Herb Seeds
  • Exotic Vegetables Seeds
Gardening Accessories –
  • Imported & Indian – Secateurs Pruning Shears, Hedge Shears, Pruning Saws, Axes, Hatchets, Billhooks and Long Reach Pruners
  • Rakes, Trowel, Shovels, Khurpee, Sickles, Weeders, Pickaxe
  • Garden Rollers (500 Kg)
  • Knapsack Spray Pumps, Battery Operated Sprayers and Pressure Spray Pumps,
  • Hose Reels-PVC and Foldable Metal type.
  • Wide range of Garden Hose Pipes
PVC Pots, Planters & Dish
  • Grower Pots
  • Attractive Planters
  • Window Planters and Railing Pots
  • Plant Containers
  • Seedling Trays
  • Plant Labels –PVC and Aluminum Tags
  • Perma Plug Trays, Spacing Trays, Multipurpose Trays
Sprinkler & Drip Irrigation
  • Professional Branded Sprinklers & Drippers, Irrigation Timers, Laterals, Filters. Connectors
  • Hunter and Rain-bird Pop-Up Sprinklers
  • Adjustable PVC and Metal Sprinklers
  • Foggers, Micro Sprinklers and Misters

Dealers of the widest range of High Quality, Branded Hand operated Outdoor Power Tools from the World leaders.

  • Husqvarna Sweden
  • STIHL Germany
  • Makita Japan
  • Bosch Germany
  • Electric, Petrol Engine & Lithium Ion Battery (Cordless) Operated Tools Brush Cutters, Lawnmowers, Hedge Trimmers, Chain Saws, Cut off Machine,Wet and dry
  • Vacuum Cleaners, ,Pole Pruners,High Pressure Cleaners,Sweeping Machines,Hand held Blowers .
  • Goggles, Head Guard, Ear protection, Boots

Also we have more variety…