Welcome to Naik Krishi Udyog & Co

We commenced our independent operations in 1986 backed with a graceful history of nearly 75 years in the business of Agriculture and gardening inputs by the mentor and visionary Late “Shri. Anant Balkrishna Naik”

Today Naik Krishi Udyog & Co offers a huge selection of farm supplies, high- tech agro supplies, hand and power tools, lawn and garden supplies, and more – With over 12500 items and counting, we really do have Something for Everyone!

Naik Krishi Udyog & Co is a complete Garden and Agriculture business house with a wide range of Vegetable and Flower seeds, Fruit plants, Agrochemicals, Fertilizers, Garden Implements, Sprinkler & Landscape irrigation equipment’s, Outdoor Power Tools, Rotary Tillers, Petrol Engines, to cater to commercial growers, farmers, corporates, home gardens and local authorities. We are Authorized Servicing Dealers for Husqvarna-Sweden, STIHL- Germany, Bosch-Germany, and Makita-Japan. With a plethora of items in Gardening & Agriculture, to the innovative retail idea and with customers throughout India, we directly deal with the end-user who find an exclusive range of latest-result oriented and quality products all under one roof.

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Agricultural Inputs Garden Tools, Equipment’s & Machinery:

Dealers of the widest range of High Quality, Branded Hand operated Outdoor Power Tools from the World leaders

  • Husqvarna Sweden
  • STIHL Germany
  • Makita Japan
  • Bosch Germany
  • Electric, Petrol Engine & Lithium Ion Battery (Cordless) Operated Tools Brush Cutters, Lawnmowers, Hedge Trimmers, Chain Saws, Cut off Machine,Wet and dry
  • Vacuum Cleaners, ,Pole Pruners,High Pressure Cleaners,Sweeping Machines,Hand held Blowers .
  • Petrol Engine Operated -Heavy Duty Brush-cutters and Clearing Saws,Backpack Blowers,Mist Blowers,Kombi Machines with attachments,Paddy Harvesters,Earth Augers
  • Lithium Battery Operated- Hand held ISIO , Secateurs
  • Petrol and Diesel Engine Operated – Husqvarna Rotary Tillers & Weeders
  • Petrol/Kerosene operated-Engines & Water Pumps
  • Accessories – Chain saw sharpening Kits/Tools,Oil & Grease- Chain oil, Engine Oil,Safety work gear/Protective clothing –Jackets & Pants, Gloves. Protective
  • Goggles, Head Guard, Ear protection, Boots
  • Fertilizers & Soil Conditioners:Soil-rite, Vermiculite and Perlite,Coco peat and Coco peat Bricks,Hydro tons
  • Agro Chemicals – Pesticides, Fungicides, Weedicides, Eco-friendly Organic Pesticides, Fungicides, Growth promoters Plant Growth regulators.
  • Fertilizers – Traditional Fertilizers, Water-soluble Fertilizers, Control Release Fertilizers (CRF), Organic Fertilizers.
  • Plants – Fruit and ornamental plants, Bulbs Tubers.
  • Soil Conditioners – Soilrite, Perlite, Vermiculate, Coco Peat, Coco Peat Bricks
  • Seeds – Vegetable & Flower Seeds, Herb Seeds Exotic Vegetables Seeds
  • Gardening Accessories – Imported & Indian – Secateurs Pruning Shears, Hedge Shears, Pruning Saws, Axes, Hatchets, Billhooks and Long Reach Pruners, Rakes, Trowel, Shovels, Khurpee, Sickles, Weeders, Pickaxe,Garden Rollers (500 Kg),Knapsack Spray Pumps, Battery Operated Sprayers and Pressure Spray Pumps,Hose Reels-PVC and Foldable Metal type. ,Wide range of Garden Hose Pipes
  • PVC Pots, Planters & Dish – Grower Pots,Attractive Planters,Window Planters and Railing Pots,Plant Containers,Seedling Trays,Plant Labels –PVC and Aluminum
  • Tags,Perma Plug Trays, Spacing Trays, Multipurpose Trays
  • Sprinkler & Drip Irrigation- Professional Branded Sprinklers & Drippers, Irrigation Timers, Laterals, Filters. Connectors,Hunter and Rain-bird Pop-Up Sprinklers,Adjustable PVC and Metal Sprinklers,Foggers, Micro Sprinklers and Misters