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Watering Wands

Advantages of Watering with a Wand

  • Breaks up high pressure flow to give gentle shower
  • Enables watering without washing out soil from pots, beds, etc.
  • No reduction in water flow - allows fast watering
  • Permits use of higher pressure pumps, also speeding watering
Original Watering Wand
  • Standard time tested design
  • Sturdy Engineering plastic construction
  • Built in filter
Laser Wands
  • Hardened Stainless Steel Front Mesh can be opened for cleaning
  • Extra Uniform, soft flow from up to 1000 laser drilled holes
  • Blue Laser with regular holes & Red Laser with 1000 ultra fine holes; ¾ inch hose fittings
  • Junior models with small heads for low pressure residential systems, with ½ inch hose fittings.



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