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we offer wide range of tradition chemical like Urea, Sufla etc.that are widely used for the increasing yield of crops.

2. Water Soluble Fertilizer and MicroNutrient

Water Soluble Fertilizer
Haifa chemicals Ltd.Israel
AgriPLUSTM KNO3 13-00-45 Potassium Nitrate
AgriPLUSTM M.K.P 00-52-34 Mono Potassium Phosphate
AgriPLUSTM M.A.P 12-61-00 Mono Ammonium Phosphate
AgriPLUSTM-NPK NPK-19-19-19+
AgriPLUSTM-NPK NPK-20-20-20+
AgriPLUSTM-NPK NPK-13-40-13+
Magnisal® 11-00-00-16MgO Magnesium Nitrate
Tessenderlo Chemie NV/SA, Belgium
SOLUCROS® 00-00-50+18S Soluble SOP
Akzo Nobel Functional Chemicals bv;The Netherlands
Rexolin®E-Fe Fe- EDTA
Rexolin® Q Fe- EDDHA
Rexolin® D-Fe Fe- DTPA
Rexolin® E-Zn Zn- EDTA
Rexolin® Cu Cu-EDTA
Rexolin® Ca Ca-EDTA
Rexolin® Mn Mn-EDTA
Rexolin® CXK EDTA MIX (Micro Nutrients Mix)
Yara International Norway
CaNsol® 15.5-0-0-18.8Ca Calcium Nitrate

3.Control release fertilizer:

The most reliable and effective way to make the availability of nutrients coincide with plant requirements is by controlling their release into the soil solution, using controlled release fertilizers. This is accomplished by encapsulating fertilizer granules in a polymeric coating, employing Haifa’s Multicote technology.
When the controlled release fertilizers granules are applied to the soil, the coating acts as a semi-permeable barrier that allows continuous release of nutrients to the root zone.
Multicote technology, implemented in our controlled release fertilizers, offers:

  • Continuous release of nutrients to root zone throughout the growth season.
  • Optimized nutrition in a single easy application.
  • Nutrient availability that matches plant requirements, with no hazardous excesses or damaging deficiencies.
  • Outstanding efficiency of nutrient use.
  • Reduced application rates.
  • Minimized losses by leaching that helps to comply with environmental regulations.
  • No contamination of groundwater.
  • No dependence on irrigation.

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